Past Exec’s & Life Members

Past Council Members


  • President:
  • Vice President:
  • Treasurer:
  • Senior Officer:
  • Junior Officer:
  • Development Officer:


  • President: Andre Knops
  • Vice President: Tom Kennedy
  • Treasurer: Emily Wildy
  • Senior Officer: Alice Hoskins
  • Junior Officer: Isabella Garbett
  • Development Officer: Harrison Smith


  • President – Andre Knops
  • Vice President – Tom Kennedy
  • Treasurer – Sam McLean
  • General Members: Harrison Smith & Megan Goodrich

Life Members

Jeremy Johnson, Rose Austen, Hayden Ryan, Erin Jackson, Timothy Bain, Sean Maskill, Hamish Saunders, Richard D’Ath, Ashleigh Ooi, Megan Dickie, Sophie Maher, Sarah Hoffman, Tom O’Brien and William Dieckermann.  

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