2017 Motions

  • “TH” refers to “This House”. “S” – Supports, “B” – Believes, “W” – Would.
  • These are the motions used in our competitions this year. From 2017 onwards, this page will be updated regularly with motions. They also feature on our Facebook Page. There are also a few practice motions here if you’ve used these already.

Junior Competition 2017

Round One – Justice

  • Early: THW as the police, not engage in high-speed car chases.
  • Late: THB That police officers should carry guns.

Round Two – Education

  • Early: THW ban students having a part time job at school.
  • Late: THBT we should pay teachers according to the performance of their students.

Round Three – Health

  • Early: THW make all vaccinations compulsory.
  • There was no late motion for this round.

Round Four – Science and Technology

  • Early: THB That we should have video surveillance in all public places.
  • Late: THB that animal testing should be banned.

Round Five – Social Justice

  • Early: TBHT we should eject sporting teams from international competitions if their fans are found to have committed racist/sexist/queerphobic etc acts during matches.
  • Late: THB that countries with poor human rights records shouldn’t be allowed to host significant sporting events.

Round Six – The Economy

  • THS a 100% Inheritance Tax.
  • THW implement a Universal Basic Income (UBI). – Info Slide Provided

Novice Semi Final 2017 

  • THW allow individuals to sell their votes.

Junior Semi Final 2017

  • THBT sporting heroes are bad role models.

Novice Final 2017 – Winner: Cashmere High School

  • THW require all parents to attend parenting classes.

Junior Final 2017- Winner: St Margaret’s College.

  • TBH there should be compulsory Te Reo in schools.

Junior Regionals – 2017

Winner: St Margaret’s College.

  • Round One – THW require social media companies to fact-check the posts of world leaders.
  • Round Two – THW Legalise the sale of Human Organs.
  • Round Three – THW allow prisoners with a life sentence to choose death.
  • Grand Final – THS The televising of Criminal Trials.

Senior Competition 2017

Round One – Extremism

  • Early: TH Regrets extremists being able to speak at University.
  • Late: THB violence against extremists is justified

Round Two – Retirement

  • Early: THW aggressively increase the age of superannuation.
  • Late: THW require adult children to support their parents in their old age.

Round Three – Foreign Policy

  • Early: THB assassination is a legitimate tool of foreign policy.

Round Four – Social Justice

Given Infomation: The Bechdel Test is where two women in the media talk to each other about literally anything that is not a man.

  • Early: THW not screen programmes which do not pass the Bechdel test.
  • Late: TH, as the Feminist Movement, supports the sexualisation of Men.

Senior Regionals – 2017

Winner: Christs College

  • Round One- THW make Te Reo Maori a compulsory subject in New Zealand primary schools
  • Round Two – Assuming it were possible, THW require all Internet users to disclose their identity.
  • Round Three – THB that the military struggle against isis should be conducted solely by middle eastern nations
  • Semi Final – THB that New Zealand should not sign free trade agreements with undemocratic states
  • Grand Final – THB that the government should actively discourage consumerist lifestyles.

Senior Impromptu 2017

Round One – Justice

  • That individuals found guilty of crimes overseas should serve their sentences in their country of origin.
  • That trial by jury should be abolished.

Round Two – International Relations

  • THW mirror Australia’s treatment of New Zealanders regarding immigration.
  • THB that the media should show the full horror of war

Round Three – Commerce

  • THW allow corporations to enforce their religious identity, including, but not limited to, the denial of goods and services.
  • THW ban all new water bottling operations in New Zealand.

Round Four – Ethics

  • THB that life extending medical procedures should be denied to the terminally ill.
  • This House would allow the use of torture.

Round Five – Society

  • THW not have children
  • THW require quotas of female and minority candidates for judicial appointments

Semi Final – Random

  • THB films based on books should select racially diverse casts, even when it differs from the Author’s description.
  • THW allow employees to sign a contract to give up their right to have children in exchange for a higher salary

Final – Politics

  • THBT Donald Trump has made America great again.
  • THW Party Vote National