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Previous Years: 2017 Motions

2018 Motions

  • “TH” refers to “This House”. “S” – Supports, “B” – Believes, “W” – Would.
  • These are the motions used in our competitions this year. From 2017 onwards, this page will be updated regularly with motions. They also feature on our Facebook Page. There are also a few practice motions here if you’ve used these already.

Junior Competition 2018

Round One: Government

Early: THW require major parties to refused lobbyist-funded perks THW would give all prisoners the right to vote

Late: THW would give all prisoners the right to vote

Round Two: Environment

Early: THW require major food chains to use fully recyclable packaging e.g. metal straws.

Late: THW support the use of Antarctica’s natural resources

Round Three: LGBTQIA+

Early: THW require schools to introduce a compulsory gender neutral uniform

Late: THW make professional sports teams punish players who make queer phobic comments

Senior Competition 2018

Round One: Environmental Issues

Early: THW aggressively wind down NZ’s dairy industry in the interests of the environment.

Late: THW hold CEO’s personally liable for environmental disasters caused by their companies.

Round Two: Minority Issues

Early: THR the commercialization of indigenous art.

Late: THR police participation in both pride and Maori language weeks.

Round Three: Social Justice

Early: THW boycott major tournaments held in countries with poor women’s rights records.

Late: THBT Women’s sports teams should be paid the same as mens teams


Senior Impromptu 2018

In this competition, teams picked one of the two motions for each round.

Round One: Pop Culture

1. THR SoundCloud rap (Info slide: SoundCloud rap is a music genre originating on the online platform SoundCloud, characterized by simple beats and lyrics ranging from the braggadocious and nihilistic to sex and drugs. Any person may publish music on SoundCloud)

2. THW aggressively impose restrictions on the ability of children to access and play video games

Round Two: Economics

1. THW require individuals to pass a State-operated financial literacy test in order to receive loans or open an overdraft account

2. TH, as the Labour government, would aggressively pursue regional development, even at great cost (e.g. Northland and Westport).

Round Three: Sport

1. THW replace all on-field referees and officials with video referees in professional sport

2. THW remove “red cards” from sport, where teams play the remainder of the match with one less player, in favour of a compulsory and permanent substitution of the player who committed the foul

Round Four: Hypothetical

1. AI has developed to the point where it can be self-aware. THW grant self-aware AI test legal personhood and human rights.

2. Technology has been developed which can provide a 100% factual account of history. THW re-write the history books.

Semi-Final: Government

1. THW prohibit all members of Parliament from appearing in the entertainment industry during their term

2. THW reseruct the Moa


1. THBT Donald Trump has made America great again

2. THW go Vegan